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This summer, CancerCare sponsored the Healing Hearts Camp, an event where thirty families gathered for a weekend to remember their loved ones lost to cancer. CancerCare is an organization that provides support, counseling, education, publications, and financial and co-payment assistance to cancer patients and their families. This video shows pictures from the heartfelt event and the great impact the camp had on the attendees. The theme of the camp was butterflies, giving families the opportunity to focus on “metamorphosis and healing.”

Lauren sits down with Heather Polyi, mother of Lyra, a little girl with an unknown neurological disease. Watch as they discuss the hardships of everyday life and how you can help Team Lyra.

Lauren sits down with Amy Swift and Felicia Peters, two founding members of the Childhelp Hudson Valley NY Chapter. Childhelp is an organization that aims help victims of child abuse and neglect. Amy discusses her personal experience with child abuse and her journey to find healing by helping others, as well as a new “Speak Up, Be Safe” program for students. Tune into this interview to learn about L.O.V.E.

Lauren sits down with famous Chef Rocco Dispirito for a quick chat before enjoying a dinner party at her home celebrating her new book,  Meant To Be – The Lives and Loves of a Jersey Girl.

On this episode, Lauren meets with Gina and Dana, two close friends of hers that have miraculous stories regarding pregnancy after the age of 40. This awe inspiring special uncovers some of the pros about having children later in life, and delves into the successes both Gina and Dana have had with their pregnancies. Take a moment to check out their heart warming stories and learn about the wonderful medical advancements that make late pregnancy possible.

Darnell Kirkwood, actor, model, web-media host, spokesperson, musician and basketball coach devotes his life to making a difference in the world by maintaining a positive approach throughout all of his endeavors. It’s not only his smile and his good looks that get your attention, it’s his positive soul that shines through even the most challenging situations.

Darnell is a role Model for ALL and especially the young members of Generation “Y”.  His show, “What’s Tha Word”, which can be found @ www.whatsthaword.com, is a motivational web-show targeting high school and college students.

Darnell recently produced a new web-show for YouTube, “Beef With Opposite Sex “, where individuals of all ages can interact with the opposite Sex on just about any topic. Darnell believes blessings should never be taken for granted. This belief has motivated him to give back to others through several different avenues. Stay tuned for more with Darnell Kirkwood in future episodes of “So Tell Me”!


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Beef With Opposite Sex – YouTube

Today on the show Lauren is joined by Milou—a local psychic medium. Milou discusses many things about his psychic powers, why and how he exercises them, and what impact he has on the community. Lauren also brings up the history of psychic powers being faked and used to fool the public and what implications that has had on society.

Tune in to learn about the fascinating realm of the psychically inclined, and discern whether or not you believe!

For more information, contact Milou via e-mail:

Alicia Reina, a culturally inspired fashion designer, discusses her motivation behind her work, including a tragic event where she suffered a massive heart attack, and what inspires her daily to create jaw-dropping fashion. From the fabric she uses, to actual garments she has created, Alicia showcases her unique style and gives viewers insight into the world of design. She also discuses quality and workmanship as being two important, and often overlooked, aspects of fashion design.

Check out her website to learn more about her work! Click here.

On this show, Lissette Garcia joins Lauren to share her experience with the Gilda’s Club, a cancer support non profit organization, and to talk about how she gave back after her cancer diagnosis. Lissette started out as a healthy businesswoman with a thriving Jewelry Business, Cosy Corporation, but was diagnosed with Non-Hotchkins Lymphoma. Through the support of her family and the Gilda’s Club, Lissette made her way towards recovery and discovered her passion to give back.

Experience her journey through cancer, and her plight to give back through her jewelry.

Lauren meets with Amy Passantino, an author, interior designer, and actress who has recently written a new book called Fix You: A Jersey Memoir. Amy is an inspirational and uplifting character who shares her experience writing this book, and what spiritual journeys she has embarked upon in her life to get her to where she is today.

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World Renowned Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Stone, comes on the show to discuss teen marijuana use. Dr. Stone goes over the dangers and side effects associated with marijuana, and gives viewers insights about what can be done to prevent usage and spread awareness. Join Lauren and delve into Dr. Stone’s riveting drug-expo that gets real about the effects of marijuana use, why it’s dangerous for teens, and what parents can do to prevent it.

Lauren is joined by Anthony Austin Bianco; a fine artist, sculptor and designer whose career was nearly shattered by a devastating car accident. Anthony shares his heartfelt story about how he broke “every bone in his body,” what his recovery process consisted of, and how his accident overall changed his life and influenced his artwork. From agony and suffering, come beauty and creativity as Anthony details his transformations after his accident. His story is a tribute to true artistic passion and motivation.

Check out his website to learn more about his beautiful work! Click here.

Lauren interviews her brother, Gregory S. Liss, DDS, about a new solution to crooked teeth: Invisalign. She gives viewers the inside scoop on the process of getting Invisalign, how it works, and what to expect when using it. This clip contains footage of Lauren at the dentist as she is getting her very own set of Invisalign retainers.

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Meet the Founder

Lauren Pizza is the Founder and Creator of Laridan Productions. She was born and raised in New Jersey, and is the youngest of five children. Lauren was a political science major at the University of Dayton in Ohio and has always aspired to make a positive impact on society.

Creative Works


New play: All for Joe

The new musical, All for Joe, will be performed on July 16 at The Duke Theatre in NYC. Joe dreams of making it big with his music, but goes into the business world to support his family. Meanwhile, his daughter finds her first love, his wife and her friends struggle with being middle-aged and his father-in-law thinks he’s Elvis! In the end, there is a twist, but one thing is apparent… The tremendous love his family has for him.


“Meant to Be – The Lives and Loves of a Jersey Girl”

As a young girl in blue-collar New Jersey, I loved three things: Danielle Steel novels, Gopher on “The Love Boat,” and working on my tan down the shore every summer. I figured I had a bright future as a cruise director or…well, what career was there for a girl who knew all the Guns ‘N’ Roses lyrics?

“So Tell Me Show…”

“So Tell Me” is a show based on positivity. On this show, every day stories about the trials life brings to the average person are shared along with the beautiful messages that come with them.