Mission Statement

Laridan Productions is a multifaceted company that aims to provide a wide array of services; from casting for Broadway and filming plays, to producing television shows and engineering educational and promotional content, Laridan makes dreams into realities.

At Laridan, we are dedicated to fostering a positive media environment in order to provide the public with successful and uplifting content.

“Bringing you quality production assistance through creative means…We focus on the production and promotion of positive ideas through artistic works.”

About Our Founder

Lauren Pizza is the Founder and Creator of Laridan Productions. She was born and raised in New Jersey, and is the youngest of five children. Lauren was a political science major at the University of Dayton in Ohio and has always aspired to make a positive impact on society.

Being the youngest of five children always presented a tough battle for Lauren in terms of making herself heard and getting her ideas and opinions noticed; so it was only natural for Lauren to create a company that will provide aspiring artists and entrepreneurs with an open forum to express themselves and their ideas.

Laridan was born out of Lauren’s passion to give back to the community and provide people with a voice. Lauren aims to give back to the community by producing uplifting content and is inspired by the wonderful people and experiences she encounters along her entrepreneurial journey.

Lauren Pizza, Author

“Last year, Lauren released Meant to Be: The Lives and Loves of a Jersey Girl, a memoir that reflects on all facets of her life, where she deals with all of life’s struggles the only way she knows how: laughing the whole way through. Lauren’s most recent project is co-producing her husband’s musical, All for Joe, an uplifting comedy that is fun for the whole family!”