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Nico Santoli was diagnosed on Sept 14th, 2012 with unilateral retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer of the eyes. On this episode, Lauren meets with Nico's mother to discuss the impact of this rare disease on Nico and on the Santoli family. Please visit Nico's facebook page for updates on Nico, how to donate to his medical fund, and info about this disease.

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Mallory Shickora, college student at University of Hartford, injured both her ACLs while playing the sport she loved. Devastated by this terrible and sometimes permanently crippling injury, Mallory has miraculously fought back and recovered to be almost as good as new. She is here today to tell the story of her mishap and to give others in her position some hope despite what the doctors may say.

Lauren is joined by Leslie, her Childhood friend and cancer veteran. She beat lymphoma at 22, but was recently diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy. Though dealt a tricky hand, Leslie remains positive through life’s challenges, and hurdles herself proudly over the obstacles she faces daily. She is now an aspiring female body builder and is working to reach her goal despite her cancer. This feel good episode will leave you smiling about the simple joys of life.