Meant to Be – The Lives and Loves of a Jersey Girl




As a young girl in blue-collar New Jersey, I loved three things: Danielle Steel novels, Gopher on “The Love Boat,” and working on my tan down the shore every summer. I figured I had a bright future as a cruise director or…well, what career was there for a girl who knew all the Guns ‘N’ Roses lyrics?


Then, when I was thirteen, I had a near-death experience that left me with some psychic abilities—and a clear vision of where I was going in life. Or at least an idea that I had to go somewhere. So I went to college, spent my salad days in New York City, and climbed to the top of the male-dominated computer-consulting industry, all while maintaining my manicure and suffering through some of the worst dates in history.


When I had enough of the rat race, I retreated to the Jersey shore, where I prayed to find a man who loved me—and in walked Joe, a long-haired, Ferrari-driving musician who also happened to own one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies. He swept me off my feet and into the exclusive world of the super-wealthy, jetting to Paris on the Concorde, yachting on the Mediterranean, and partying with celebs. Thrust into unfamiliar terrain I never could have imagined as a girl, I handled it in the only way I knew how: awkwardly, committing one social faux pas after another, but laughing my way through the entire thing.

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